A turn-based strategy game for Windows and Mac, which lets you build a Bronze Age empire in one sitting, in singleplayer or multiplayer.


At the dawn of history, Bronze Age kings built the first empires. Strategize their rise to power in a uniquely streamlined 4X.

All the strategy of a classic 4X in a faster format, which also shines in multiplayer. Empires take their turns simultaneously so there’s no waiting around. Join our Discord to learn more and WISHLIST NOW!

How to play

Ozymandias is easy to learn but hard to master. Play through our tutorial, read our in-game rulebook and watch our explainer videos on YouTube.

Start by placing flags to expand your empire, soon you will have enough space to build new cities. Select locations carefully so your cities may grow and defend your borders. In time, your only means of expansion will be through conquest and you will build armies and fleets. Win by completing wonders, randomised each game, to provide endless replayability.

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