Dreaming Spires

A board game for 3-5 players including tile-laying, auctions and thematic event cards as you lead an Oxford college through history.


Dreaming Spires is a board game about the history of Oxford University and the fabulous people that graced its cobbles.

A successful college will attract the likes of Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Bell and JRR Tolkien. Every scholar has a unique special ability, famous quote and original illustration to bring these legends of history to life.

How to play

Players build their colleges out of building tiles, each has different benefits, which appeal to different scholars. Each scholar improves the college’s reputation in different subjects.

Oxford evolves as the game progresses, from medieval monasteries to today’s modern university. Each turn brings a new historical event, which players compete to make the most of. To learn more, you can watch our How To Play Video or download the Rulebook.

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