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“The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” – Roald Dahl

What's our story?

The Secret Games Company was founded by British game designer, Jeremy Hogan. He started out in board games, working with legendary designer Reiner Knizia, before joining Sega in 2009 to work on Total War. Career highlights include bringing beloved franchises (Call of Duty, Lara Croft, Fable) to mobile for the first time, in the days before microtransations; working with SpatialOS on MMO, Worlds Adrift, at Bossa Studios; and developing cutting-edge VR and interactive fiction projects at PlayStation’s Sony London Studio.

In between studio work, Jeremy worked on indie projects with friends from the industry and as these bore fruit, the time came for a company, a professional(ish) face for our creative endeavours. Secret Games Co is more a collective than a studio. We’ve been working remotely since before it was cool and, on each of our projects, every team member has earned a fair share of profits. We’re the opposite of corporate and that’s how we mean to stay.

We’ve released 3 games, Dreaming Spires, a board game about building an Oxford college; Rise: Battle Lines, a multiplayer-focused tactics game for PC and mobile; and, Kim, an RPG with roguelike elements set in Rudyard Kipling’s colonial India. Kim was selected as a Finalist at Indiecade and the TIGA Game Awards and Jeremy has given talks about it at the British Library and a handful of British universities.

We’re currently working hard on a new and top secret game, which was awarded two grants by the UK Games Fund in 2020. As part of their announcement, we revealed its name, Ozymandias, and our mission, to create a Civilization-style 4X game, which you can complete in one sitting. We hope to release the game in 2022 and look forward to sharing more details in due course, sign up to our newsletter on the homepage for updates.

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