Rise: Battle Lines

A simultaneous turn-based tactics game for Windows, Mac & iOS with singleplayer challenges, multiplayer leaderboards and customisable heraldry.


Draft an army and fight a battle all in 15 thrilling minutes. Test your tactics online, challenge friends or take on our different AI characters. 

Opponents issue orders at the same time in this unique system of simultaneous turn-based tactics. The rules are simple but you must bluff and strategise to secure your victory.

How to play

Before a battle, you and your opponent will take turns choosing units from a shared pool and positioning them in your army.

Every turn, you will issue each unit an order. When both players are ready, the game displays the results. Units closest to your general will act first so position him wisely. He is your strongest unit but if he is killed, your troops become weaker. Winning battles earns you higher ranks and unlocks new artwork for your coat of arms.

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