An open world RPG for Windows and Mac featuring branching conversations, survival and roguelite replayability in Rudyard Kipling’s India.


Step into the world of a book and explore colonial India’s hand-painted towns and procedurally generated countryside.

Live Kim’s youth as best you can, there are many ways to play. Untold opportunities wait to be discovered and no one play-through will grant them all. Buy the game on Steam or or download press kit.

How to play

Kim’s journey begins in his home town of Lahore, stock up on supplies at the shops and set off by foot, horse or train.

We set out to make a game that lets you enjoy Nobel Prize winning writing and explore a setting, which still divides opinion over a century later. Speak to the characters you meet, many are from Kipling’s Indian stories. If Kim can survive on the road, with the help of his kindly travelling companion, he may walk into the history books as a battle of empires, The Great Game, unfolds around him…

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