Dreaming Spires

Dreaming Spires lets you lead an Oxford University college from the medieval era through to the modern day, meeting the great scholars and dealing with tumultuous events from history.

Kickstarter Video

Dreaming Spires is a board game about the history of Oxford University and the fabulous people that graced its cobbles! After years of hard work, it’s finished and on sale online and in a store near you!

Dreaming Spires was funded via Kickstarter, its campaign was a huge success with people around the world contributing to our $35k campaign total. To learn more, watch our How To Play Video.

How to Play

Players build their college out of building tiles and attract scholars to improve their reputation. Each scholar has a unique special ability, famous quote and original illustration to bring these legends of history to life.

Players compete to win an event each turn and become the next Chancellor. A unique scoring system provides endless strategy as competition hots up in the final era: the present day! To learn more, download the Dreaming Spires Rulebook.

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